Monday, February 28, 2011

Killzone Team: Brotherhood of Blood

I've started in on a Chaos Khorne themed Imperial Guard Killzone team. I haven't really delved into the Brass, Blood and Skulls side of Chaos so I thought I begin by converting and painting my Leader. I've chosen an Ogryn Bone 'Ead as my leader even though he only has a leadership of 8. This isn't a requirement however as the rules say "preferably with the highest leadership." I wanted something beastly leading my squads. Something huge and massive and deadly. Since there are no Monstrous Creatures in Killzone the closest thing would be something with 3 wounds (Ogryn).

Giving it Resilient gives it a T of 6 but giving it Blademaster would give it 5 rending attacks base. I'm not sure which way I want to go: Tough or Strong. That aside I will be giving him frags so terrain isn't a huge problem and his ripper gun will be represented by a chain that splits into 3 parts each ending with a skull (kind of like the old Eldar Dark Reapwer Exarch wargear). What are your thoughts? Should I go with Toughness of 6 or 5 Strength 5 rending attacks standard?


  1. The model looks a lot like krug from heroscape. Did it come like that or did you modify it? Also, if you are running khorne he is generally about offense, more toughness is generally nurgle's thing.

  2. All I did was cut the head and repaint it.