Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mordheim Warband: Possessed

Here's my starting Possessed warband:

Magister w/Bow, Hammer, Knife, Lure of Chaos (*rolls a 4* Yes!) 83gc
Possessed 90gc
Possessed 90gc
Mutant w/Tentacle. Hammer, Knife 63gc
Mutant w/Horrifying, Hammer, Knife 68gc
Brethren w/Bow, Knife 35gc

Brethren w/Bow, Knife 35gc
Brethren w/Knife 25gc

I realize having possessed with no mutations is kind of lame but I didn't realize until I had read the rules thoroughly that your rewards are rolled based on your surviving hero models. This would mean with I would have in the range of 4d6 or 5d6 if I had won.
The Magister will be floating around as support for the CC possessed/mutants, taking control of enemy team members. *Evil Laughter* The best thing about Lure of Chaos? It's 12" range but doesn't require line of sight so I could have my Magister fully in cover whispering the sweet temptations of chaos to the enemy warband. "Two daemonettes for every cultist..." The other brethren will also act in support of the CC element of the warband and hopefully I can get the Brethren with just the knife to stab some people.

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