Sunday, January 18, 2015


So I made a game for those that have a hand full of Grots and/or night gobbos.


All models are WYSIWYG. The following is an "equipment list."
Shoota- 12" 5+ Single shot.
Slugga- 6" 5+ Single shot. One handed.
Six shoota- 6" 5+ Six shots. One handed. Can fire more than once per round. Each successive shot will kill the user on miss. Ex: First shot nothing. Second shot kills if a 1 is rolled. Third shot kills if a 1 or 2 is rolled etc If all six shots are fired even if a hit is rolled the model is killed on a final roll of 5. A 6 and the model will still live.
Choppa- 3+ in CC
Basha- 4+ in CC
Prodda- 4+ in CC. First round always hits first. Second round on always hits last.
Blasta- Overwatch on 4+. 6" 3+ Single Shot.
Stick bomb- 6" small blast hits on 4+. One use only. Counts as Basha in CC. If use in CC roll. On a 1 or 2 resolve Stick bomb centered on user.
Net- 6" 3+. One use only. Overwatch on 3+
Ball n' chain- movement is random 2d6. You can add an additional d6 if you want but if all 3 numbers are the same remove as casualty. If user moves into another model on 3+ that model is removed. If movement ends on a model that is not removed move that model 1" away.
Shouting- Friendly models w/in 6" Overwatch on one more. (6+ hits on 5+ instead etc)
Spyglass- Counts as Basha in cc. Friendly models w/in 6" hits on ranged attacks at one better. (5+ hits on 4+)
Psychic(Clutching head)- Range 8" Roll a dice. 1: the model is killed, resolve a stick bomb blast centered on the model before removing it. 2-3: the model is killed 4-5: the target is killed 6: the target is killed, resolve a stick bomb blast centered on the model before removing it. This may be used instead of attacking in CC but only once regardless of whether the model charged or not.
Rock- 4+ in CC. " 5+ Once use only. If used as a ranged attack it can no longer be used in CC.
Cannon Shell- 3+ in CC but always hits last. If user is killed center a large blast on it that hits on 3+.

Players roll off then take turns drafting from available models. Five minis for two players, three for three or four players, two for five or six, and one for any number more.
After draft the players deploy their models on the border of a one and a half foot square area at least 1" away from another model. Place the pitmaster in the center of the area. Roll for player initiative. They activate one of their models in turn. Starting at the first player again if players control more than one mini.

Models move then shoot then assault. Ranged weapons that indicate a number of shots(one shot, six shots etc) must be reloaded the following activation. A reloading model may not move, shoot, or assault but will make Attacks if engaged in CC. Models move 6" and charge 2d6" unless indicated. Attacks in combat kill on a 5+ unless the Models are equipped with a CCW. Models that charge may roll two Attack dice.

Squig models move 12" and have are 3+ in CC. If they charge they hit first against any model not equipped with a Prodda. When a bomb squig is killed resolve a stick bomb blast centered on it before removing the model.

The pitmaster is activated at the end of every full round of activations. That is that activates as though just another player. The pitmaster will move toward any model that did not move or was not attacked that round. If the pitmaster was attacked it will move toward the first model that round that attack him. The pit master moves 8" and hits 3+ in CC. His whip is 6" and hits on 3+ The pitmaster must be hit four times before he is killed. Any player that kills the pitmaster is automatically the winner.
The winner is the only player with models remaining on the board at the end of a round of activations.


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