Sunday, December 2, 2012

Free Form Miniatures game test #1

Since I have a massive collection of miniatures that are both un-built and un-painted I threw this suggestion to my friend Chris: let's try a free form game of minis. I put forth that the only rules we start with are for points of units only based on the size. A small mini on a 10mm base was 1 point, a man sized mini on a 10mm was 2, a 20mm base was 4 and a 40mm base was 8 points. He brought an 5 man iron hands squad w/a Forge Father and a contemptor. I brought a gang of grots lead by a Runtherd. Among them was an ork w/a bionik eye and an anti-tank rifle and a squig hound. So we set up on a table of ruins and decided that the Space Marines were drawn by psychic presence of a grot-weird boy(which we decided was a grot who was clutching his head).

This was after the first few activations. We determined that while you didn't have to, you could clump models into groups that could be activated at the same time. The benefit is that you have more models to act (shooting at a model or charging another) though you decrease the amount of activations your side has. The success of any given ranged or melee attack was determined by studying the model making the attack and the model being targeted. After discussing it we would both agree upon a success roll on a d6. When a 1 or 6 was rolled you would roll again to determine a critical hit or failure. When a model was hit we used the something like the Necromunda damage table
: 1,2 knocked down 3,4 Wounded 5,6 Down. This in turn was modified by how powerful we determined the weapon was or how tough/weak the target was.
We used movement values and weapon ranges similar to those used in 40k but that was because we knew of them and could use it as a basis for decisions more easily.
This is where my squig hound lunged forward and ravaged a meltagunner, wounding him twice.
Here's where his squad leaps forward to assist him and my poor netter is shot thrice.
An ambitious grot races out and attempts to take down the Iron Father. His attack fails and he is subsequently cut down.
Both my Runtherd and the Iron Father are wounded and knocked down due to combat or shooting. My netter took the opportunity to run up and net him at which point my whole gang ran up to try to help dragging him off the board. It was a valiant effort but as the marines ran in chase they wielded their bolters with deadly accuracy, critting two of the grots helping. In the end my crew was cut down with 1" to go. It was a great test and I can't to try more.