Tuesday, December 13, 2011

40k Skimmer Indy 500

So I wanted to come up with a racing game for 40k and well... I did. Here's the preliminary rules:

Each player begins with 55 points to spend on a variety of gear for a skimmer vehicle. The model can be any skimmer so long as it is modeled with all of it's appropriate upgrades. All vehicles have the following profile-
BS          Armor         
       Front Side Rear
 3       12    11    10
If you build/paint a pilot you are allowed 5 more points.
If you paint a corporate sponsor on your vehicle you are allowed 5 more points.
Each vehicle must move at least 6" each turn and may move up to 12". It may make one turn at any point of it's movement 6" or more.
Each vehicle may fire it's weapons regardless of what speed it moves unless it's specific gear says otherwise.
Every vehicle may make ram attacks or may chose to move past opposing vehicles. No vehicle may end its move within 1" of another vehicle. If a vehicle is rammed it is pushed 1" away after the attack is resolved
Each vehicle may choose one of the following pilot upgrades for free and the subsequent upgrades for the points cost listed:

Marksman- +1BS
       Turreted Weapon (15pts)- The vehicle's weapon has 360 degree field of fire.
Ace Pilot- Pilot may re-roll mine activation die rolls.
       Thrusters/Vectored Engines (15pts)- The vehicle doesn't make dangerous terrain rolls.
Derby Driver- Targets of this vehicle must re-roll successful skimmer dodge rolls.
       Concussive Armor (15pts)- This vehicle counts it's armor as 1 higher when the roll to penetrate it's armor is rolled during a ram. This includes a return roll when the vehicle itself makes a ram attack.
Demonically Possessed Vehicle- This vehicle ignores shaken and stunned results. It also has BS 2.
       Tentacle (15pts)- The first vehicle that moves within 6" of this vehicle takes a S5 hit as if shot from that direction.
Living Vehicle- When this vehicle suffers a weapon destroyed result it rolls a dice. On a 4+ the result is repaired it may continue to roll in subsequent rounds if the previous round's roll was a failure.
        Spore Launcher- Instead of firing a weapon that round the vehicle may place a mine anywhere along the path the vehicle traveled except within 2 12" of another vehicle.

Every vehicle may choose one of the following defensive gear options for the points listed:

Night fields (15pts) The vehicle has a 5+ invulnerable save.
Smoke (5pts) The vehicle has a 4+ cover save for a whole round against all attacks made against it's rear armor. Chose to activate it at the beginning of any round.
Spirit Stones/Extra Armor (10pts)- Stunned results dropped to shaken.
Decoy Launchers (15pts)- This vehicle may choose to reroll any damage result but must take the second roll even if it is worse.

Every vehicle may take one of the following offensive gear options for the points listed:

Ram(10pts) +1 to ram attacks.
Bumpers(5pts) Ram attacks also push the target 6" in the direction of the ram attack.
Dirge Caster/Laud Hailer/Psychic Scream(15pts)- Enemies within 6" must roll 3+ to move or short. This only takes effect after turn 1).
Tongue/Claw/Tractor Beam/Grappling Hook(15pts)- Vehicles within 2" can be prevented from moving away. When the first vehicle each round tries to move away roll a dice on a 4+ it doesn't. This ability only works once a round.
Talons/Blades(5pts)- When you move over a vehicle you do a S4 hit against the side you pass over.

Every vehicle may take one of the following movement gear for the points listed:

Star Engines(15pts)- Instead of shooting the vehicle may move 7" in addition to it's normal move.
Aethersails(10pts)- Instead of shooting the vehicle may move 2d6" in addition to it's normal move.
Rocket Booster(5pts)- For one round instead of shooting the vehicle may move an additional 4d6" in addition to it's normal move.

Each vehicle may take one of the following weapons for the points listed:

Wraith/Haywire Gun(10pts)- 6" This weapon has no Strength value and instead when you make a hit roll a dice. 1: Nothing Happens 2-5: The target suffers a glancing hit. 6: The target suffers a penetrating hit.
Scatter Laser/Heavy Stubber/Heavy Bolter/Assault Cannon/Big Shoota(10pts) 12" S5 3 Shots
Las-Cannon/Bright Lance/Dark Lance(10pts)- 24" S7 1 Shot

The following changes are made to the damage table:
Shaken- Can't shoot
Stunned- Vehicle can't move more than 6" and it may not shoot.
Weapon Destroyed- The vehicle can't fire it's weapon but if it moves through the pit it's weapon may fire again.
Immobilized- When a vehicle becomes immobilized it is moved to the direct outside of the track. The vehicle may still shoot if it had not suffered a weapon destroyed result. At the beginning of the following turn roll a dice. On a 4+ the pit crew has come out and fixed the vehicle and it may move as normal that turn. If you build and paint your pit crew (3-5 models) your roll is increased to a 3+.
Wrecked/Explodes- The vehicle will respawn with it's rear touching the last waypoint.

To set up the track mark off a lane that is 12" wide around the edge of a 6'x4' table. Mark a waypoint halfway along each table edge. One of the waypoints will be the starting line. Place 2 mines equally spaced along the line from the inside of each corner to the outside of each corner. When a vehicle moves within 2 1/2" of this mine it rolls a dice. On a 5+ the vehicle evades the mine. If the vehicle ends it's movement within 2 1/2" or rolls a 1-4 replace it with a large blast marker. Any vehicle that is hit by this blast will receive a glancing hit on a roll of 2-5 and a penetrate on a roll of 6.  Place 2 pieces of terrain along each short edge track side. Place 3 pieces along the long table edge. If a vehicle moves through a piece of terrain roll a dice. On a 1 it becomes immobilized.
Roll for initiative with 2d6. Place each vehicle in rows of two with each vehicle 1" behind the previous one. This is the order the vehicles will activate in the first round. No vehicle may fire in the first round and each vehicle must move at least 6" each round. Each vehicle receives 1 pt for every wrecked/explodes result done to another vehicle up to 5 pts. The first vehicle to cross the finish line 3 times receives 7 points, the second 5 and the third 3. Each other vehicle receives 1 pt for competing in the race.