Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children

Before the big update I had been running an Emperor's Children army and decided to start modeling them all Pre-Heresy. As the new codex has come out I rewrote my armylist for 2000 points. Here it is:

Lucius 165pts
Sorcerer w/Mark of Slaanesh, Sigil, Mastery 3, Burning Brand, Spell Familiar, Boon of Mutation 205pts
5 Noise Marines w/CC Weapons, Doom Siren, PW, Veterans of the Long War, Rhino 170pts
5 Noise Marines w/CC Weapons, Doom Siren, PW, Veterans of the Long War, Rhino 170pts
5 Noise Marines w/CC Weapons, Doom Siren, PW, Veterans of the Long War, Rhino 170pts
10 Noise Marines w/Blast Master, 8x Sonic Blasters, Banner of Excess 264pts
10 Noise Marines w/Blast Master, 8x Sonic Blasters, Banner of Excess 264pts
Heldrake 170pts
3 Obliterators 210pts
3 Obliterators 210pts

I converted my heldrake as a plane:

My squads of 5 that push the assaults w/Veterans of the Long War I modeled as being more like vets using Sanguinary guard armour:

The basic squads I'm converting to have MkV armor:
The "Icon of Excess" which gives feel no pain I figured could be represented by an apothecary in the squad:

One squad of the Obliterators are Legio Cybernetica robots and the other is going to be a single terminator with a mob of servitors holding, rearming and attaching heavy weapons to him. Thoughts are welcome!


Well it's been a billion years since I've posted and the new Chaos Space Marine Codex has been out for quite a bit now so as penance I will go through the entire codex and give a quick overview of how I feel about/uses of/rating out of 5 for all of the codex entries.

So let's jump right into it starting with:

Abaddon- A beast as always. Powerhouse but a points sink. Unlocking Chosen as troops is cool but there again they are points sinks themselves. 4/5

Huron- Random psychic powers, claw is no longer a fist(good and bad). He let's d3 infantry units infiltrate. Best warlord power in my opinion. Kind of average as an HQ but pretty cheap. 4/5

Khârn- "Initiative one? Not anymore!" *raise middle finger* Hitting on 2s and rerolling misses against space marines. The betrayer is back and better than ever. 5/5

Ahriman- Psychic powerhouse. If this is your deal go whole hog. He slaps out powers like a champ and like Huron he lets some units infiltrate. Thousand sons infiltrating just sounds funny. 3/5

Typhus- Come on bring the...zombies? Changing a unit of 35 cowering pitiful scum into a groaning zombie horde for free is kind of awesome. A bit of a beast in CC though a good chunk of change. All manner of crazy nonsense abilities. 5/5

Lucius- Short of challenging a terminator this boy will eat up the competition. Attacks equal to his opponent's WS and rerolling to wound makes this fool a character killing fool. 5/5

Fabius Bile- Not much of a change from before and only upgrades 1 squad though it's for free. 3/5

Chaos Lord- Damn cheap and with tons of options available! 5/5

Sorcerer- Customizable with the new variety of powers though I'm only really happy with the Slaaneshi powers. Take it as you will but still customizable pretty well. 4/5

Daemon Prince- A saucy beast w/the new rules for flying monstrous creatures. Able to take demon weapons that soar their attacks through the roof or make them squad destroying beasts, slap on the ability to make them mastery 3 sorcerers with access to the biomancy powers and you have a CC monstrosity on your hands. 5/5

Warpsmith- A nod to the Iron Warriors who drops the efficiency of cover, comes with a meltagun which he can fire in addition to his own ranged attacks. Not to shabs but not the best in CC. 4/5

Dark Apostle- The "evil chaplain" who gives units his LD of 10. I don't really see this HQ as being that useful. Fearless HQs can transfer it to units they've joined. Sure they can give their zealot abilities to their squad and let you reroll Chaos Boon table results but for the price I don't think it's that good. Slap on the fact that you can't put them in Terminator armor and you have a lack luster HQ.

Well there's the HQ. Hopefully I'll be able to overcome my laziness and come back with the troops review. I'll go over the options that you can unlock as troops as well to give a better overview of all options.