Monday, February 21, 2011

Pit Fighters!

So I've decided that I'm putting together a stable of Pit Fighters using the rules printed in the Fantic magazine. The PDF is available for download online here. I've been running through the rules in my head and after deciding that Slayers/Ogres are out I'm going to have the following stable:

Chaos Pit Fighter (Secutor)
WS: 33 S: 33 T: 30 I: 34 W: 10

Skink Pit Fighter (Retiarius)
WS: 33 S: 32 T: 30 I: 35 W: 10

Witch Elf Pit Fighter (Modified Murmillo)
WS: 40 S: 30 T: 30 I: 30 W: 10

Models hopefully forthcoming.

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