Thursday, February 24, 2011

Specialist Games: I Mordheim

I'm going to be writing some articles about the Games Workshop Specialist Games. I've chosen to write about Mordheim because the sudden rise in Warhammer Fantasy due in part to the release of 8th Edition.

First off, Modheim is the skirmish version of Warhammer fantasy set in the ruined town of Mordheim. Players command warbands that battle each other to capture the valuable resource known as warpstone. Huge amounts of the element were scattered into the city when a twin tailed comet crashed into Mordheim. Each warband has it's own unique feel and flavor from the Empire Mercenary groups to the Chaos worshiping Possessed. The player purchases his warband members and equips them with weapons and armor from tailored lists.You can make a warband on the fly in a one up game or play a campaign game. Campaign games are very enjoyable and you become much more attached to your warband. This is due in part to you members gaining new skills and increased stats as they get experience from battle. They can also sustain injuries that effect them in battle but I look at this as just adding more realism to the game. If you warband fights of course they'll have battle scars!

The rules (without going into specific details) are very close to Warhammer fantasy in regards to moving/shooting/combat. The rules are here in pdf form on the Games Workshop site. If you've learned to play Warhammer Fantasy then you will find no problem picking up Mordheim. Magic is fairly easy and is closer to Psychic powers rules in warhammer 40k currently.

The main selling point for starting a Mordheim warband, for me at least, is that it costs very little. The rules are free for download and each warband starts at anywhere from 7-11 members depending on how you equip them. That's less then a small unit in Warhammer fantasy, grab a box and maybe a few metal blisters for unique characters/leaders and you're good to go. Of course you could start with any of the warband kits from the GW. They aren't that expensive, all models are metal (which could make them harder to convert to having different weapons etc) but they only run roughly $5-6 American a piece (bought as a whole of around $40 for 8 models). If you or your local gaming store has a bits box: even better! Fish out the pieces and mash together your members for an even lower price. The customization and character you add to each model only increases your ability to really get attached to your warband.

Overall if you're looking for a good casual game to start playing with your friends and you really like the feel/stories of the Warhammer Fantasy world then I would suggest playing Mordhiem.

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  1. Here's what I'm thinking, getting a box of free company.

    Captain Blucher 60, brace of dueling pistols 50
    Sergeant Ackermann 35, axe 5, pistol 15
    Kohl champion 35, two handed weapon 15
    Leopold von Fenstermacher 15, additional dagger 2
    Johann von Fenstermacher 15, pistol 15

    Hanz and Franz Swordsmen 70, swords 20

    Carl Fuchs marksman 25, longbow 15
    Gruenewald marksman 25, crossbow 25

    Joachim and Hermann 50, maces 6

    11 models