Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grey Knights

Well the Grey Knights pre-orders are up on the Games Workshop site. Not much to say about what we already had seen/heard. 2 comments mainly on the top of my mind. First it's nice to see that the Grey Knights get a Monstrous Creature that has a Toughness higher than A GREATER DAEMON OF NURGLE which also has a built in Warp Time Ability (Nemesis Greatsword). Second I don't think they thought out the model's placement on the site very well. Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor as "Grey Knight Inquisitor w/Null Rod?" I didn't know that that was what that fancy staff was. I also love that the description of the Psykers lists the stats of the IG Psyker Battle Squad. Oh! Their abilities are the same? (They aren't...) Copy paste! Anyway I digress it's nice to see new blood added to the game regardless of whether it's encased in power armor. Here's the advanced orders page and here's the Grey Knight's models page.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grey Knights

Well to put it lightly I got to take a look at the unfinished Grey Knights codex. There's a good lot of interesting units. I'm sure most of you have seen all of the rumors about 2 wound terminators called Paladins. I was drawn towards the Henchmen choice which allows you to take 3-12 of a wide variety choices both ranged and close combat. The Jokaero (from 1st edition) shows up as a sort of weird unit upgrading, obliterator-esque unit. They have 3 different choices of weapons and I can see them filling a heavy support role in some GK armies.

Late while reading in though I had a lightning bolt of an idea: Using the GK codex to represent Thousand Sons. My reasoning is the amount of psykers in the army and the availability of artifacts/magical items.
Here's my test list:

Inquisitor Karamazov (Greater Daemon of Tzeentch)
Inquisitor Coteaz (Changeling-like character)
5 Grey Knight Terminators w/Psilencer (Thousand Son Terminators)
3 Jokaero w/9 Warrior Acolytes (Human Sorcerer Acolytes and Tzeentch Magefire Forges)
3 Jokaero w/9 Warrior Acolytes  (Human Sorcerer Acolytes and Tzeentch Magefire Forges)
10 Psykers (Human Sorcerer Acolytes)
10 Psykers (Human Sorcerer Acolytes)
Grey Knight Strike Squad 10 w/Psybolt Ammunition and Psycannon (Thousand Sons)
Grey Knight Strike Squad 10 w/Psybolt Ammunition, 2 Psilencers and Personal Teleporters (Thousand Sons) 
Dreadknight w/Gatling Psilencer, Personal Teleporter (Greater Daemon of Tzeentch)
Dreadknight w/Heavy Psycannon, Personal Teleporter (Greater Daemon of Tzeentch)

So this is my test list. Yes it's a little human-centric and obviously not mech but I'm sure that'll change as I playtest it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Team Shiv Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines vs Blood Angels

Here's an older Team Shiv battle report. TheGodOfNothing vs Harsh Rhettoric! Chaos Space Marines vs Counts as Night Lords (Blood Angels).