Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh god... Not another counts as...

So as I've been churning through these minis I came upon my ill-fated attempt at Tau: a bunch of Firewarriors and two Devilfish, a sniper drone controller (just a bits acquisition) and a bunch of gun drones. That got me thinking of a counts as army. Now hear me out first and please Juat suspend disbelief before trying to imagine how accurate the models are:

Tau Mercenary Army:
Straken: Crisis suit w/out jump pack, w/a power glaive(relic blade-esque) weapon. This would be a grizzled disillusioned (Not unlike Farsight) commander who cast off the greater good for fun an profit.

Priest: Shaper with Eviserator just like in the Kroot Merc days.

Storm Troopers: Been floating around with either armored Vespids or (More easily modeled) fire warriors with suped up guns.

Marbo: A "Firewarrior" main character style crazed jungle fighting maniac Tau.

Veterans: With Grenadiers and maybe Gorward sentries. The HW bases would be the sniper drone controller automating a weapon. Maybe Sniper drones could be sniper upgrade.

Penal Legion: Of course Kroot. These would be given priests(shapers)to upgrade their efficiency.

Valkyrie: This is the biggest stretch but Devilfish on flying bases w/SMS as smart missile system. Devilfish are supposed to fly so the leap in my mind isn't too great.

Well so far that's my ideas. Any thoughts?


Sorry that I haven't posted as of late. I've been pretty bust working on comissions. Those included a ten man squad of wracks, a five man squad of grotesques, a Star Wars RPG Gen'Dai mercenary figure, a Zoidberg miniature and a D&D Mermaid miniature. I've got to say though that my drive to make miniatures has soared when making them. I really get into the painting and the detail level has skyrocketed. Something about making it for somebody else. Who knew huh?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dr. John Zoidberg

Dr. John Zoidberg is an Elites choice in any army.

WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  Ld  Sv
  4     -     4  4   2   3  2   7   4+     95pts

Unit Type: Infantry

Special Rules: Independant Character, Rending
You call that an ink defence?!- Dr. John Zoidberg has a 4+ invulnerable save in close combat and the Stealth USR.
Young lady, I'm an expert on humans!- Dr. John Zoidberg confers the Feel No Pain USR to himself and any unit he joins.
Before deploying units roll a dice:
1-3 Decapodian Mating Season- Dr. John Zoidberg has the Furious Charge, Fearless and Rage USRs.
4-6 Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!Whoop!Whoop!Whoop!- Dr. John Zoidberg gains the Scout, Hit & Run and Fleet USRs. If he falls back he will move 3d6" instead of 2d6." Remove him from squad coherency if it takes him beyond 2" from an adjoined unit.

Wargear: Carapace Armor, Claws(Single close combat weapon)