Monday, February 14, 2011

Freeform Miniatures Game: "CRAHMS"

I've had this idea floating around for a while. It's mainly an effort for people to bring a handful of models to the table and have a system that allows them to be able to play each other. The system of the models doesn't matter, just the size. Basically there's a base set of stats for each model and you pay points to get better stats. You agree upon a point total and you just build your army.

Combat: X/Y X is the Number of attacks and Y is the Skill. That is the number of dice you get to roll per attack. Each 4+ is a success.

Ranged: X/Y/Z X is the X is the Number of attacks, Y is the Skill and Z is the range of the attack: (Close, Short, Medium, Long, Extreme, Unlimited)

Armor: The number of rolls a model gets to counter the number of successes in Combat/Ranged attack against it (None, Light, Medium, Heavy)

Hits: The amount of damage each model can take.

Morale: The number of rolls a model gets representing the ability of the model to stand it's ground in regards to enemy success, the disturbing or all around fear.

Speed: The rate at which the model moves(Slow, Normal, Fast)

So right now the base stats of a model are as follows:
    C    R   A   H   M   S
   1/2   -    -    1     2   6(Normal)

I've got tentative points set up and more rules and hopefully a short PDF will be on their way soon.

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