Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crazy Ideas In The Modeler's Mind

So in my Chaos Space Marine army I have a Greater Daemon which is representing an American Battle Suit that operates in space. Basically jump jets, close combat weapons etc. I want it to look like a somewhat different version of my Tin Man which represent a Daemon Prince.
                                                                          WIP Tin Man

With that in base I kind of want to steal an idea I saw on the Games Workshop site where a Deff Rolla was used to make Killa Kans:
It looks a little like a Chaos Space Marine dreadnought but I really like the feel of the spikes and the patched surface. It feels to me like quick patches for a space-borne mech. Hopefully I can get a hold of a Deff Rolla soon. *Itchy Modeling Fingers*

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