Saturday, February 12, 2011

Forge World: Malcador Infernus

So Forge World is gearing up for their new Imperial Armor book. One of the models that stands out is the Malcador Infernus. In appearance it looks kind of like "your grandfather's" Hellhound. It's the Hellhound that Pask's father wanted to pass on to him in high school but he wanted a brand new shiny "Fast Vehicle." I can even hear him complain:
"Come on dad! The fuel supply isn't even built in! You have to drag it behind you! The other kids will make fun of me! They'll call me an artillery man's son and call my Hellhound a Centaur!"
Appearance aside I really like the rules. Screw Pask. This is the 41st millennium! Older things work better son! The S7 AP3 is delicious! It's like an autocannon (which I have a personal love of for opening light vehicles) but it doesn't need to roll to hit and it's striking area is huge! Space marines cower in fear and run to... no cover because it's a template! *evil laughter* True there are some odd aspects to it like it's penchant for breaking down and it's massively explosive character but I don't see those as flaws. I see those as unique and interesting aspects of a treasured model. I can hear Harsh Rhetoric speaking over my shoulder as I write this:
"Dude. You love to use units that suck." Yes yes. I get the point but when I come screaming across the board with my "grandfather's Hellhound," burning your marines from cover what are you going to do? Shoot me with meltas when I get close? My response? To quote Dirty Harry:
"Go ahead...make my day."

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