Saturday, July 16, 2011

So I built a Vindicator with a chimera chassis and it feels/looks like a pre-heresy tank. That in mind I've thrown together a Space Wolf list. My backstory for this chapter, who I believe I might unimaginatively call the Knights of the Round Table, is pretty simple. The Chapter Master named Arthur was an Imperial Fist during the days of the Heresy. He and his squad were in the thick of fighting during the defense of Terra when Arthur had a vision. From a pool of water gathered on the ground rose a woman veiled in a shimmering veil. She carried forth a glimmering sword. "Arthur. I am the Lady, handmaiden to the Emperor. I bring you this blade, Excalibur a mighty blade of unparalleled power. I give you two choices now: Walk away and forget ever having met me and return in defense of the Palace or take hold of Excalibur and accept the Emperor's quest." Without hesitation Arthur reached for the blade. The Lady pulled back. "I must warn you. If you take hold of the blade you will die, your squad and your body sent far into the future. Fear not, you will be returned to life in some fashion to lead your men in grand service to the Emperor." Again without pause Arthur reached for and grabbed the blade. Firey pain travelled through his whole body and he quickly passed out. When he regained consciousness he beheld his men before him, changed. Their armor was scoured, worn from countless years of battle. They informed him that the rest of the squad had awakened at the dawn of M41. The Lady appeared to them and instructed them to raise am army. During his "sleep" his squad had formed an entire chapter of errant "Knights" ready to follow Arthur on his quest. Awakened and sealed within a mighty metal body, the risen "Lord Arthur" leads his chapter of Knights in a sacred quest in the mighty Emperor's service.

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