Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh god... Not another counts as...

So as I've been churning through these minis I came upon my ill-fated attempt at Tau: a bunch of Firewarriors and two Devilfish, a sniper drone controller (just a bits acquisition) and a bunch of gun drones. That got me thinking of a counts as army. Now hear me out first and please Juat suspend disbelief before trying to imagine how accurate the models are:

Tau Mercenary Army:
Straken: Crisis suit w/out jump pack, w/a power glaive(relic blade-esque) weapon. This would be a grizzled disillusioned (Not unlike Farsight) commander who cast off the greater good for fun an profit.

Priest: Shaper with Eviserator just like in the Kroot Merc days.

Storm Troopers: Been floating around with either armored Vespids or (More easily modeled) fire warriors with suped up guns.

Marbo: A "Firewarrior" main character style crazed jungle fighting maniac Tau.

Veterans: With Grenadiers and maybe Gorward sentries. The HW bases would be the sniper drone controller automating a weapon. Maybe Sniper drones could be sniper upgrade.

Penal Legion: Of course Kroot. These would be given priests(shapers)to upgrade their efficiency.

Valkyrie: This is the biggest stretch but Devilfish on flying bases w/SMS as smart missile system. Devilfish are supposed to fly so the leap in my mind isn't too great.

Well so far that's my ideas. Any thoughts?

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