Thursday, May 17, 2012

As yet unnamed giant battle platform game!

So I've fixated on making a game where three factions duke it out using giant weapons platforms in the decaying ruins of Earth cities. Plot points: Humans make intelligent robots, robots rise up but right as aliens from the closest planetary system show up to take over our planet. 3 way battle royale! Quick plot aside right now I'm working on the rules. I've gotten a few lists together in regards to weapons and technology. As it stands there are three sizes of platforms with internal space and exterior "hard points." Sounds too much like the Tau Crisis suit equipment so I'll eventually change that. There's gear that overlaps each faction and there'll be unique items too but I haven't gotten to that yet. Anyway here's the lists so far:

Solid Weapons:
Cannon (Shell)
Artillery (Shell)
Missile Pod
Chain Cannon
Flak Cannon
Mega Rocket
Cluster Cannon
Anti Aircraft Artillery
Gun Battery

Energy Weapons:
Cannon (Plasma)
Cannon (Laser)
Cannon (Lightning)
Artillery (Plasma)
Laser Battery
Anti Aircraft Laser
Heat Ray
Graviton Blaster
Plasma Caster

Grappling Arm
Hydraulic Lance
Lightning Staff
Lightning Whip
Energy Blade

Defensive Upgrades:
Armor Plating
Reactive Armor
Energy Shielding (All Around)
Energy Shielding (Single Facing)

Energy Equipment:
Fission Reactor
Fusion Reactor
Nullgerät (Nullpunkenergiegerät - Zero point energy device)
Solar Cells
Capacitor Cells

Tank Bays
Aircraft Hanger
Drone Deployer

Well that's it so far.

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