Monday, August 8, 2011

Mini Tourney

So this Saturday I played in a three round tournament at Gamer's Inn. The missions were imaginative to say the least. Here's an overview of my matches and opponents:

My first opponent was a newbie necron player(Bad combo..). Gametype was Seize ground and pitched battle. Secondary objective was Killpoints and the third was no units on your half of the table. The flip was that when you had to make the roll for something (Shooting, assaulting etc) your opponent would roll the dice for you. Odd. I castled myself in the largest piece of terrain and sent my Lone Wolf out to wreck some warriors. I lost a rhino first turn and some Long Fangs but managed to get my Lone Wolf
into a squad of warriors. They did nothing to him and he smashed one into the ground. I roll the dice for my opponent's Ld check: 11. I smiled as they ran off the board. The following turn I locked in combat w/the next squad over. They again lost by one. I roll for her Ld check: 11. Off the board which kills enough to phase out the army.

I stopped to enjoy a cupcake then continued on my way. My next opponent was an Eldar player. He had 3 units of Dire Avengers, a unit of Guardians w/Brightlance, Asurman, Wraithlord w/Brightlance, Firedragons in a waveserpent with TL-Starcannons, 4 Dark Reapers and a Vibrocannon (Never faced one before). This time it was multiple bases (One in the center of each quarter) and pitched battle. We then rolled for one unit chosen by us to gain a randomly rolled ability. His Fire Dragons became scoring units much to my chagrin and one of my Grey Wolf squads gained stealth which I later realized was a waste as his Dark Reaper Exarch had crackshot : / I stupidly decided to go first and didn't commit with one of my squads (the checkered tank). This cost me valuable suppression on the Dark Reapers cloistered on the tower and the approaching Fire Dragons. I had intended to contest the objective in the largest building with the Lone Wolf but he got stuck in combat for the whole game against Asurman. His Fire Dragons in the final round assaulted my objective in the bastion and lost against a Wolfguard and a Grey Wolf (Haha!) but even with -2 they didn't run. So he held 2 and I held 1. A few things I could have done: Let Bjorn die and sat on his objective corpse, kept the checkered squad in reserve and just driven onto the objective in the large building. Oh well. Hindsight huh? In that game I scored the tertiary objective which was to have your "modified" unit survive.

My last opponent was a novice Daemons player who gasped when I kept my entire army in reserves. The match was KP w/secondary as most troops on both halves of the table and tertiary as...I can't remember. Well in anycase I castled my forces and made him come to me. His troops didn't come in until quite late but by then I had made short work of the Masque, a unit of flamers and his Defiler who attacked Bjorn in CC. That was quite a test of the old man's abilities. in 3 rounds of combat he took 9 penetrating hits but only lost his mobility. In the final round he deflected 2 off his mighty shield and dealt 3 in return, wrecking the monstrosity. Every turn there was a random effect like "All infantry count as having moved and roll for difficult terrain" or "All armor saves are reduced by one and all facings of vehicles are reduced by one." In the end I was ahead by 1 KP so I got the primary and my opponent received the tertiary.

Overall I ran in 2nd place which netted me $30. Not bad for a $5 entry fee. I had fun and learned some things: Bjorn and Lone Wolves don't die. They didn't die the entire tournament. I can just see them post tourney.

Arthur(Bjorn): "Great job out there Bors. You really held your own!"
Sir Bors de Ganis(Lone Wolf): " You too my lord!"
Arthur/Bors Together: "FISTBUMP!"
*Dreadnought Close Combat weapon clashes against Storm Shield*